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Stucco/EIFS Testing & Moisture Analysis

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Serving the
Kansas City Metro Area Missouri & Kansas

816 455-8787

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(Average fee: $350 - $650)

Many homeowners of both synthetic (EIFS) and hardcoat stucco homes that have been built within the past 10-12 years are still hoping the problems related to stucco will disappear. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Government agencies, major consumer protection groups, industry representatives, and many homeowners' associations have all agreed that the moisture problems relating to stucco are both legitimate and widespread.

Exterior Insulating Finish System (EIFS) is causing great concern in the resale housing market today. EIFS (pronounced "Eefs") has many benefits. It has an acrylic coating that finishes to look just like the old- time, heavyweight stucco used on houses for 50 years or more. Just like regular stucco, it does a great job of preventing water from passing through it; however, the down side is that the insulating foam board used in EIFS and the coatings used in both EIFS and the newer lightweight stucco tend to keep moisture trapped inside the wall structure. Trapped moisture can quickly cause rot to framing, joists, and other hidden structural members. Since the rot is taking place from inside of the wall out, it often goes unnoticed for months until it has done substantial damage. Repairs can cost $3,000 to $20,000 and even more.

The 12 most common reasons for water intrusion of the stucco include things like poor or missing flashings, improper caulking, poorly designed or installed window assemblies, etc. Many of the major relocation companies are refusing to buy a house clad with EIFS without a complete invasive moisture survey. Some insurance companies are refusing to insure an EIFS clad house without a moisture test. An invasive moisture test and survey of EIFS is not something that is part of a visual home inspection, and many of the problems would go undetected by a normal home inspection. This is a separate test entirely that requires sophisticated meters and equipment costing several thousand dollars. Invasive EIFS testing also involves taking a week-long certification course and intensive tests on moisture analysis and EIFS testing that are only given in Chicago, Atlanta, Virginia Beach, and Philadelphia.

EDI (Exterior Design Institute)
is the non-profit organization that holds these courses. There are only 5 companies within a 200-mile radius of Kansas City we know of that have sent their inspectors through the week-long certification class on moisture analysis and EIFS testing.

The industry estimates that 80%-90% of all stucco homeowners will experience some degree of moisture problems with their home, including not only those with synthetic stucco installed over foam, but many hardcoat stucco homeowners also. You may not see it, but the moisture that gets trapped behind your stucco walls is doing damage every day it is left untreated.

Is there a solution?.................. Yes, find the problem areas and fix them! How do you do that - simple, the first step is to have your house thoroughly and accurately tested for moisture problems. You have to know what the problem is and where its at before you can ever hope to correct it. Information from the testing will provide you with the information that you need to make modifications and repairs which can remedy the problem.

Holmes Inspection Company provides our clients with the most professional, accurate, and thorough moisture testing possible; and, we make the information we provide our clients easy to understand and more user friendly than anyone else.

If you would like to schedule a stucco test and moisture analysis, or if you want more information on stucco problems call us at (816) 455-8787 between 8:00 AM and 4:30 CST.

Contact Holmes Inspection Company for stucco testing today!